Feb 1, 2008

Guest on Our Bloggy

We has a guest on our bloggy today. His name is George. He hasn't got his people trained rite yet, so he doesn't haf a blog himself.

A few monfs back we founded pikshurs of him on Mommy's fone. Well, we weren't too nise abowt it, unforchunately. We founded out him and his sisfur Autumn were kitties that Mommy and Grandma help take care of when their beans are away, tho. And that's ok. Long as they don't bring home more sisfurs and brofurs, it's furry nice of our beans.

Here's George bein reely happy to see Mommy n Grandma when they camed to feed him n stuff.

Then George n Autumn got stinky goodness to go wif the dry foods they gots alla the time while their beans are gone. George looks like he's enjoyin it lots. Autumn is furry shy, so she don't get near the camra even thos it's hid in the fone. Their beans are home now tho, so they must be furry happy.

::Wave a paw to George:: Fanks for comin to our bloggy as a guest!

Yoo can also visit lotsa ofur kitties this weekend at the fun weekend cat festivals. We's goin to Weekend Cat Blogging is being held by Katie and Puddy at A Byootaful Life (see the week’s& host to enter your WCB post in the comments for the weekend roundup). Ofur fun festivals are
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