Feb 15, 2008

Friends Friday

Missy Bloo Eyes

Our furriend Missy Bloo Eyes (KC's sisfur) is not feelin too brite eyed today. She wuz in an aksident and one of her eyes got skratched and it hurts lots. A'course KC is upset cuz her sisfur gotted hurt. So they's bof at the Amazin Dr Smith's v-e-t place for ofurnite so Missy can get aunty-biotiks for her eye and KC can be neerby dat makes her less upsets. We's sendin lotsa purrs n purrayers for Missy to feel better reel fast and KC to feel not upsets again. Pleeze send purrs n purrayers for them too if yoo can! UPDATE 5:44pm EST: Good noos!!! Missy is gonna be OK!!!! She's just gonna hafta haf eyedrops fur a while but she can see n all! In fakt, the Grate Dr Smith is lettin her and KC bof go home togefur today. Yay!!! They sez fanks for alla the purrs n purrayers and they knows it helped lots. KC will update yoo all on their bloggy after they get home and all get sum rests tonite and maybe tomorry too cuz it’s been a traumatik day for them and Mommy ML and Daddy Charley too.

Also, my boyfriendcat Mileses fambly is reely needin helps to meet the basik febywary bills like rents and lites n heats. So if yoo can helps efun a lil (lil bits adds up!!!) at the Projekt HAM page (or if yoo's a cat we knows we can gif yoo the snail mail addressy), dat's be great. I'd send him allllll our green papers but Mommy sez dat won't werk too good. Oh well. We do's what we can and we'll send lotsa purrs n purrayers for Mommy Meezer n Daddy Meezer to get jobbies reel soon cuz they's tryin reel hard to.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. Gree sez I gotsta tell yoo that Othello askeded her to merry him and she saided yess and she's furry furry happy. (She must be, dat or she eated sum of them jumpin beans hehehe)