Feb 20, 2008

aWards Wendsday

Mommy sez it's funny how just when yoo's gettin discouraged, somefin shows up to tell yoo not to be so discouraged. Our furriend Derby gived us this award yesterday. :)

Fanks, Derby :) Yoo maded us not feel discouraged :)

And Mini gotted an award earlier this monf that we's been too bizzy wif one fing and anofur to post. She gotted it frum Dr Tweety!

Mini says fanks and smoochies to Dr.Tweety :)

It's hard to a'cide who to pass on awards to cuz we finks alla yall deserves thems. But We wantsta give the Cat Blog Friendship award to Zippy, Sadie and Speedy cuz they's always there to cheer on furriends or send purrs at gatherings and that's such a nice fing to do for furriends. And the Carin Cat Award to Brandi cuz she helps out now that she can and that's so cool.

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