Jan 31, 2008

Reezins - TT 21

Thursday Thirteen #21
Thirteen Reezins Mommy Should Not Efur Go Away Ofur Nite
by Sanjee
  1. It is no fun to haf Mommy gone ofur nite.
  2. Gree misses snugglin wif her feets at nite.
  3. It makes everycat kinda cranky.
  4. We need alla our staff here at nite.
  5. Pepi needs somebean to run on top of when he's runnin around like his butt's on fire.
  6. She can't gif Mini treats when she's not heer and Mini doesn't like dat at all.
  7. One of tha food bowls mite get empty while she's gone.
  8. Somefin mite get dropped in one of tha water bowls while she's gone.
  9. The litterbox doesn't get scooped as often if she's not heer at nite.
  10. Boni can't get brushed just the rite way that Mommy does it.
  11. Gree and Mini mite argue ofur who gets *that* peesa foods.
  12. If she's not heer she can't tell us how beeyootiful we are.
  13. And mostly of all: We misses her!!!

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