Dec 1, 2007

Who is this now?

Who is this ginger cat in our bed?

3 is too many in this bed.
Definitely bad.

If you got an extra purr or two, send them to Auntie Stinkie at Dr Tweety's house please? She's not feeling so good and Dr. Tweety and his fambly are very concerned. [Fanks lots! --Mini]

Optional Theme - Mittens Or Socks.

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

Funny n Informational and Whatnot for Today
by Sanjee

When Miles mentioned some collij dude not knowin that the sun don't rise in the North, Cocoa commented: "ha! efurrybuddy noes the sun rises on the big bed an sets on the patio wif the slidy glass door!" Cocoa is obviously smarter than a fift grader AND a collij dude. Careful if you go to Mileses, though. He sez his Mommy sings like a "Screaming Cow".

LOOK: Get your furry own "The Quest for Ham" Game by Skeeter and LC. They's earnin green papers for Project H.A.M. for Miles and Sammy Meezer. Way cool game! For $5, $10 or $25 donation to Miles n Sammy, yoo gets regular, deluxe or sooper version of the game. Woo hoo! I's ordered mine! A Ham game sounds like fun. N I can play it wif Miles! hehehe

REMEMBER! The Cat Blogosphere Blog is in EXILE doo to its servers bein stuffed in PTUs and moved to a noo building. Go to the temporary Cat Blogosphere blog in Exile for Friday n Saturday of this week! No emails will work while it's in exile. Bummer. So we have a temporary email for while it's in exile and it's on the temporary blog for you. If you need a particular repurrter to email you, use the temp email and put on it that it's for whoever you want to get and answer it.

Project H.A.M. and the WCB Schedule have their own pages at the Cat Blogosphere in Exile, so you can see them there.

OUR website and emale is on the same server, so the HotMBC website and emales will not werk eifur! Boo hoo! HotMBC can be reached at catsnmom AT while the stuff is in exile since it's server will be in the PTU at the same time.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty