Dec 12, 2007

Just the Facts

Suki tagged us!

Here are the rules:
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7 Random Facts About Us

  1. We try to play THoE* on the stairs only 2 at a time. Otherwise we get tangled up on the stuff Mom keeps on one side of the stairs and it's embarassing to trip.
  2. Pepi sleeps at the foot of Mom's bed every night.
  3. Pepi jumps up on the food table at least once a day but Sanjee never jumps up on the food table.
  4. Boni Maroni loves sun spots the very best. She sleeps in some weird pawsitions to get in them to nap.
  5. Mini's fur didn't grow back thick on her tummy after her ladygardenectomy so she has short furs on part of her tummy.
  6. Gree has a special hidey spot in Mom's office for when her sisfurs are annoying her.
  7. Sanjee is the most particular about being rubbed just the right way and is more than willing to demonstrate displeasure with the least little wrong way rubbing with her fierce claws.
Bonus fact: Mom Robyn is gonna be really really really bizzy with werk until after Chrissymouse. We cats are NOT happy about this because it means we won't get to visit our furriends bloggies much at all. But if yall want to come to our house and play THoE or nap in the sun spots, we'd love to see you!

And, um, consider 7 of yourselfs tagged, ok? kthxbai

Alla Us
Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

*THoE = Thundering Herd of Elephants