Dec 2, 2007

Holiday Confuzions 2007

The first overheard holiday confusions conversation of 2007 at "The Hotties" house.

Mini: Hey Boni.

Boni Maroni: Yes, Mini?

Mini: Did you hear the cool Chrissymouse song with the singing cats* that Mom got us?

Boni Maroni: Yep, I did, Mini. It made me laugh a lot.

Mini: It made you laff?

Boni Maroni: Yep. It was sooooooooo funny when Pepi tried to rescue the cats in the black boxes called speakers that are next to the big box with lights.

Mini: There were cats in those black boxes?!?!?! Oh no!!! Did Pepi get them out???? Are they ok??? It sounded like a lot of cats to be in those small black boxes!!!

Boni Maroni: Um, no. No cats were in there. Just the sounds of cats were in the black boxes. You know, the sounds of the cats singing that Chrissymouse carol.

Mini: You mean someone STOLE the cats voices and put them in the boxes???

Boni Maroni: *sighs* No, Mini, they copied the cats voices and put them in a little silver round thing. When that thing spins inside the big box with lights the copy of the cats voices come out of the boxes.

Pepi: Well I didn't KNOW about the black boxes were just pretending to be cats. *mutters* Making noises like cats just to trick me. I'll wha.... whatch them closely next time. I think they really are aliens. Pretending to be cats just to trick me. *mutters*

Mini: Hmmms.

A minute or two goes by.

Mini: Boni?

Boni Maroni: Yes, Mini?

Mini: So there's no humans singing the Chrissymouse songs in those boxes either?

Boni Maroni: No, Mini, there's no humans in those boxes either.

Mini: No wonder not even one single one of them would give me a treat.

Boni Maroni: Hahahaha! Now I know why they say "Merry Chrissymouse" heeeeeheheheheh

Boni nearly laughs herself out of her cat bed, then hears Pepi ask...

Pepi: What is that thing on the sofa anyways?

Boni Maroni: It's a Christmas hat! Run for the hills!!!!!

Sound of lots of paws running.


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