Dec 19, 2007

A Few Words for Wednesday

We has not dissypeered! Mommy's gone wacky (fur Wednesday maybe? hehehe) cuz of holiday shopin season. But that's almost ofur for her. Phew. We may not to get to stop by and see all our furriends til next week when she's off, but we's finkin of yoo. We's furry glad Roxy n Lucky n their fambly are all ok, and that Momma ML and so happy that Kimo n Sabi offishully gots their lil bean sisfur furever papers signed. Hope alla yall are ok. We sends purrs for everycat at nite. Just don't get time to type enuff when Mommy is wacky wif werk fur hollydaze.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty