Dec 22, 2007

Dear Santa Paws

Dear Santa Paws,
I'm very, very, very sorry Mom stole your hat and put it on my head. (You have NO idea just how sorry I am.) I think maybe you should bring her a lump of coal because stealing is naughty. Putting it on my head is naughty too, for that matter. I am trying to be good, though, so I actually left it on my head for a minute so she could take a pikshur. I think that's plenty for her for Chrissymouse, considering. When you come by our house I will give you back your hat. I purromise! And Santa Paws, what we would like for Chrissymouse is a new sekretary. We love Mom (even though she puts hats on our heads). But she leaves something to be desired as a sekretary. I'm leaving you this envelope as evidence -- do you see what's missing???

*sigh* So Santa Paws, we'd really like a new sekretary for Chrissymouse. We'd even share with Mom for her work, cuz we're nice cats. Srsly.
the Pepster

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