Nov 29, 2007

Pepi Raises A Paw

I'm Raising a Paw for C.A.R.E. Inc. That's Cat Adoption and Rescue Efforts, a 501(c)(3) charity here in the Richmond, Furginia that helps kitties get rescued and find homes. They're a great group and they help lots of kitties. They often take on kitties that the Richmond SPCA can't take in cuz they're full or something. They foster kitties and help wif vet stuff and help them get adopted. Our great v-e-t Dr. Zuccaro helps out kitties through C.A.R.E. and that's how we found out about them. C.A.R.E. does not get lots of grants and stuff like some places, cuz they're smaller and more local, but they do lots of good work anyway. When Grandma wanted to donate through the United Way this year at her work, she asked what cat charity we thought was best to donate to and we said C.A.R.E. So she did! Wasn't that cool of Grandma? I'd donate too if I had any money. But me and my sisfurs do donate toys and a share of our super-premium nip we use in our Nip Raviolis and make our beans give foods and towels and blankies for the kitties and stuff. We even made Mom get some food for the kitties for the holidays when she got our Secret Paws stuff. We'll make her take it over soon, as part of the TGH Holiday Food Drive, since all my sisfurs are tuxies. Anyway, I think C.A.R.E. is great, so I wanted to Raise a Paw for them.

your bud Pepi