Nov 12, 2007

Mancathandling Monday

Sometimes you've got to mancathandle your staff. And that's what I'm doing today. I have glued Mom's butt to the chair. She's off work today cuz of the Veteran's Day holiday, and I'm making her finish the 2008 calendar.

So no visiting blogs for us today. (Hush Sanjee, you just telerport over to Mileses. Alla yall sisfurs just telerport over to your boyfriendcats if you want.) But Mom can't type for us cuz she's gonna finish this calendar or else! We don't want no pillow pooping around here, now do we Mom? ::taps paw:: I didn't think so.

Hmms. There go my sisfurs. Boyfriendcats look out! heheheh
If anycat wants to come over and snoopervise getting this calendar finished, that would be great. I'm kind of scared Mom will unglue her butt and run off while I nap. If I can keep her glued to the chair, it'll be ready to buy tomorrow, and that would be way cool.

your bud Pepi

Update 5:31pm: Fanks for the help snoopervising Mom! It's working! I did let her up for a little while for lunch and a litterbox break. But she's got all the pages done now, and just has to do a final proof before setting up the goodies at Cafepress. Woo! I think it helped to point out to her that if she didn't get it alllllllllll but done before 8pm, she wouldn't get to watch her Dancing With the Stars tonight. Boy, she got to going then. *snicker* OK, back to sitting on Mom. You cats can come help too. The more the merrier!