Nov 9, 2007

Friends Friday

Furriends. We's furry honored and happy to haf so many furriends around the blogosphere. We feels kinda pooey that we hasn't been able to visit them much or comment hardly at all the past week or so. *glares at Mommy* So we wanned to cellybrate some of our furriends who's had big stuff goin on, good n not so good.

Kimo n Sabi has some BIG noos to share. Go see! It's way cool!

We was furry sad our furriend Chloe hadta go to the Rainbow Bridge this week. We purred for our Chloe, founder of HotMBC, to meet her at the Bridge and show her around tho. And we was furry happy that Chloe's fambly gotted some good noos finally, too.

Gree is ekstatic that Othello (and Kashim, a'course) are bak online. Pepi's sooper happy to see his brofurs are bak online too.

Our buddy Anastasia's last dare (from across the Bridge!!!) wented grate! Lotsa cats took tha dare. (We did, see how we dressed up Mommy *snicker*) We's glad cuz that's a grate tribyoot to Anastasia. Plus, it's furry funny to see all the humans forced to dress up. heeeeeeehehe

We had the Nov 7 Blogblast for Peace all ofur the cat blogosphere! Mimi started it, and she still seems surprized that alla us kitties blog fur Peace efurry time. hehehe She just don't know cats.

Has yoo seen our furriend Monty Q? He's gone AWOL :( His beans are furry worried bout him. We's sending lots and lotsa purrs n purrayers that he'll come bak home ok reely soon.
5:50pm UPDATE: GRATE NOOS! Monty Q maded it home! Wooooo hooooooo! Yippee! Yay!

And our furriend Momo frum Down Under got us all goin wif AstroKitty Day to welcome home tha space shuttle! (By the way yall, Momo is a girlcat, not a boycat efun tho she has long whiskers. Who thoughta that idear anyways?)

Oh gosh, and there's always so much more. We are so lucky to haf so many furriends! So, efun tho we can't bisit as often as we likes, we wants alla yoo, our furriends, to know we lufs yoo and misses yoo when we can't bisit. And maybe we'll get lucky and Mommy will finish this Cat Blogosphere calendar and stuff this weekend so maybe we can go visitin more. Cross yore paws for us!

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