Nov 15, 2007

FortyElevenSquillion Things

Mom says she has Forty Eleven Squillion things to do today. And she doesn't have a car today so she has to grab a ride when she can to get to the post office and stuff. (Grandma's car is in the shop, so Mom let her take her car to work.) So no Thursday Thirteen for us... fooey.

You can go over to Boy's place and have some yummy treats and play with great toys, though. His purrthday party is going on now and I bet he'll party into the night with us even though in Singapore the 15th will be over before too long. He's furry nice that way. We'll be around even if we can't type since the typist will be bizzy.

You know where we can get a spare typist???

Boni Maroni
Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni