Nov 18, 2007

All we got was these stoopid pikshurs

Mom went up to a place in the Shenandoah Valley in the Bloo Ridge yesterday, and all we got was these stupid pikshurs.

Some pretty trees from the inside of the monster with wheels.

Mom says this is why the Bloo Ridge is called bloo. We don't get it.
What does bloo have to do with the inside of the monster with wheels?

Mom said these trees and this house were furry purrty.

A BIG Rock Mom didn't bring home. Fank goodness.
We have lotsa rocks already and that one is pretty pointy.

Littler Rocks. Mom brought some littler rocks home, but not these.
She just brought these home on the camera.

A purrty sunset from inside the monster with wheels.
We think it's purrty because it meant Mom was heading home!

All in all, we're glad we just stayed home and napped.
Napping with a snuggly friend is best!

Join all us cats at The Carnival of the Cats at Pet’s Garden Blog later this evening. Maybe some cats had more fun this weekend than hearing about trips to bloo places and getting pikshurs for souvenirs.

and Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni