Oct 4, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #19 - Rocks

Thursday Thirteen #19
Thirteen Rocks We Live With

Mom is nutso about rocks and crystals, so we live with a lot of them around the house. Weird huh? Most beans keep their rocks outside, but not our Mom. Nuh huh.

  1. Honey Calcite, like the one Boni's gnawing on in that pikshur up there. Honey Calcite is sposed to be good for astral travel, so it's probably good for telerporting too.
  2. Quartz crystals. There's little ones and there's big ones. The biggest one in the house is about 20 lbs. It's heavier than Sanjee even! Quartz is sposed to be a power stone. So we must have a super powerful house.
  3. Infinite Stone. It's a green or gray or blackish stone. Guess it couldn't make up it's mind, but it's fun to sleep on. Infinite Stone is sposed to be a great healing stone. Maybe we should make Mom send some to our furriends if they get sick.
  4. Rainbow Moonstone. Mom likes this lots, so there's always some around on her desk. Rainbow Moonstone makes really pretty colors in the light when you knock it off the desk.
  5. Lodestone. There's a big ole hunk of this in Mom's bedroom. Grandma saw it the other day and said, "Why do you have that old chunk of dirt in your room?" Mom shook her head. Lodestone is also called magnetite and is used to attract things in magic n stuff.
  6. Lepidolite. It's purple, so it's cool. And Mom says lepidolite makes her calmer cuz it's got lithium in it. We don't get it since she doesn't eat it, but calmer Mom is good so we won't argue.
  7. Witches Fingers. Well, there's only one Witches Finger Quartz in the house. It's only in the house still cuz Mini knocked it under the desk way in the back where Mom couldn't find it.
  8. Angelite. Cuz we're such angels. *grins*
  9. Rose Quartz. Sanjee likes this one a lot cuz it's a love stone and that makes her think of her boyfriendcat Miles.
  10. Okenite. Okenite is fuzzy looking like us, but Mom says it's really and truly a rock. We're not allowed to play with it cuz we'd knock its fuzz off.
  11. Schorl. It's also called black tourmaline. Mom says it's a protection stone, so I think we should use it against tummy ghosts and creepies like that.
  12. Cat's Eye!!! No, it's not mummified cats eyes or anyfing like that. It's a good luck stone just like us cats are good luck.
  13. Mom's head. She says it's hard as a rock. Then she says she has rocks in her head. We don't know which it is, but it's rocks one way or another.

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We hope you enjoyed learning about the rocks we live with. We kind of like them. Good thing or we'd be unhappy a lot around here. heheheh

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