Oct 12, 2007

Purrfect Boyfriendcat for Mini

I was kind of sad. Sanjee had a boyfriendcat and Boni had a Tuxedo Gangster and even Gree had a boyfriendcat. But I didn't have a boyfriendcat. Pepi said I like food too much to ever find a boyfriend cat. So I consoled myself with foods, and I do love foods so much so that helped some. But I thought maybe I still wanted a boyfriendcat.

Mom said I'd find the right boyfriendcat when the time was right. So I waited. And waited.

Boni Maroni is a nice sisfur and she knew I was kinda bummed. So she helped me look for a boyfriendcat even. She couldn't find a boyfriendcat for me, though.

But I looked some more too. Then I finally found a boyfriendcat! He's a black cat, so he fits right in around here. And he's FOODS so he's the purrfect boyfriendcat for me!!!

I found his handsum portrait here. It must be one of those matchmaking sites. It's a match made in heaven!

I am a happy Mini now!!!


Pee Ess. Don't forget to send your post (with your handsum boyfriendcat or purrty girlfriendcat) to Weekend Cat Blogging with Sher at What Did You Eat. (Why is Mom laffin and laffin and going "What Did You Eat! that's purrfect!"? Beans are weird.)