Oct 19, 2007

Oh boy!

Can you BELEEVE this? I gotted an award from Skeezix a WEEK ago and I just now saw about it!!! I hasn't had time to bisit all my furriends a'cause Mommy has been WAY too bizzy. Deffynately way too bizzy for sure.
UPDATE: Brakin noos -- Hendrix gived us the same award! And we didn't know it neifur! Yipes!

Skeezix gived it to me and KC fur the stuff we do fur the Cat Blogosphere. Wow! Fank you Skeezix! Fank you Hendrix! Now I gotta go poop on Mommy's pillow for bein so bizzy I didn't get to reed everyfing and see it fur a whole week. Sheesh. Maybe when I's done wif that I can figger out who I should pass the award too. 'Scuse me.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty