Hmmmms - Friday Finkin

Have yoo done yore Peace Globe for November 7th blogblast for Peace? We hasn't got ours ready yet. But we's finkin to figger out what we wanna do. I finks we's gonna use the globe up there cuz we likes it. There's a buncha ofurs tho, and instrukshuns if yoo needs them. Even if yoo don't like photoshop or somefin, yoo can use a blank peace globe or get help doin yores up.

Anyways, we's finkin about maybe usin a reely peaceful pikshur of one of Boni fur ours this time. See, the beans are always sayin Boni Maroni is a peacemaker. And it's true if we has a fight, Boni jumps in the middle and tells us to stop fightin. So it seemed kinda good for her to be our postercat for this peace globe.

But there's lots and lotsa pikshurs of Boni. So we hafta pick one. Like maybe this one.

But she says that one makes her look fat. So maybe this one here.

It's kinda cool cuz she's like reachin out for peace.

Or maybe her portrait cuz she looks furry peaceful wif her big round eyes.

Well, we'll figger it out.

OH! Maybe the kitties ofur at Weekend Cat Blogging Halloween Edition with Amar and Luna at CatSynth can help us figger it out! Let's go see!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. Mommy sez to tell yoo she hasn't furgot the Cat Blogosphere calendars, she's just bizzy goin nutso. She wants to get them done by this weekend, but our nice naybor's brofur died today and she may gotta help out ofur there now. Oh well, she'll get the calendar fixed fast as she can.

Pee Pee Ess. Don't miss Fat Eric's purrthday party startin at 5pm Eastern Daylight time!!! He's 12!!!

Pee Pee Ess. Purrayer Vigil at 10pm Eastern daylight time too -- for sum furriends who reely needs lotsa purrayers. See the Cat Blogosphere for noos.

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