Oct 18, 2007

FSA: Cat Blogosphere isshoos

Yep, the Cat Blogosphere bloggy is havin trubbles today. Mommy told me the long complycated story bout core routers and Cisco and stuff like that. But I didn't understand hardly any of it. I figger out tho that it means: 1) the bloggy is up n down rite now, 2) the support eejits are werkin on it, 3) it's an impawtant parta their system that's whacky so it's gonna take them a day or two to fix it all the way, 4) there's nuffin we can do bout it. *sigh* The only good fing Mommy hasta say about it is dat if they's finally fixin their core routers (whatefur they are!), then maybe that's what's caused the purroblems we's had and maybe it'll stop for good. She says she won't hold her breaf tho cuz she don't look so good in bloo.

Since yoo can't post to the auto-linkies or noos (at least not fur sure) to the Cat Blogosphere bloggy. I'll put urgent noos and auto-linkies here til they get it fixed up.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

UPDATE 8:17PM EDT: Sorry the noos is late here. Mommy ranned off to work on stuff and then do errands and just got home!!! Here's noos and the Cat Blogosphere is currently up and runnin. It will be down on and off thru Satturday tho :( Hope they can fix it all fast! -- Sanjee

Derby wrote: Just to get my official announcement of my party.

Who: Derby
What: Purrthday Party
Where: My blog
When: Saturday, October 20, 2007 starting around noon.
Why: My Purrthday!
Full details on my blog


Smeagol, Strider & Gang added: Derby’s havin’ a party this Saturday (10/20)!! This is what it says in his blog:

"The spot will be on Chatzy, starting about noon my time on Saturday. That would be about 6 PM in the UK. That way our European furiends can drop by as well."


This in from Karen Jo, hers brofur an sisfur-in-law got home yesserday (Wednesday). Yeah.

PURR-RAYS NEEDED! Daniel wrote: Please help us pray for our 3 year old Beagle Jada. She has a Brain lesion and is unable to walk due to vestibular issues. She has been hospitalized for over a week. She is very much alive, but very scared as the world is spinning around her. Please keep her in your prayers.

Opus and Roscoe wrote: Buon girorno (good morning)! Opus and Roscoe here, sorry it took us so long to send an email. Our humans haven’t let us on the computer much (or at least that is our story). We just wanted to send an email to let you know that we would love to join your Cat Blogoshere group and think it would be fun to be repuuurters from Italy. Let us know what you think. Have a great day! Opus, Roscoe (and Cyndi) [O, hello, i’s will be sending u’s an email later wif some more info on tha Cat Blogosphere. Let’s effurryone give Opus & Roscoe a big ole CB welcome, Purrs, KC]

i fink Jody neds some purrs...her baby Butterscotch sounds like she is checking out to The Bridge...Jody seems very sad I think kitties should head on over...