Sep 6, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #16

Thursday Thirteen #16
Thirteen Reasons We Think the Cat Blogosphere is GRATE!

Mom and Grandma call us some funny names sometimes. We're not always sure that's a good thing. But mostly it's ok.

  1. Fun bloggy posts every single day from lots of furriends that make us smile lots and laff lots.
  2. We get to meet cats from all ofur the world.
  3. We get to learn about cat breeds we never knew much (or sometimes anything) about.
  4. We get to learn about buns and other critters that our cat furriends live with.
  5. Mommy gets to know cat people from all over the world and that makes her smile.
  6. We get to show off on our bloggy.
  7. Cat parties!
  8. We all get to help our cat furriends and have fun doing it.
  9. We help each other when sad things happen like furriends going to the Rainbow Bridge.
  10. Our blogging cat furriends don't think we talk funny, and their humans don't either.
  11. Fun cat events and meme thingies every day, like Tuxie Tuesday and Toesday and Meezer Monday and Mancat Monday and Weekend Cat Blogging and Carnival of the Cats and all sorts of other fun things.
  12. Cats are the stars of the show. As they should be.
  13. The cat blogosphere is full of grate and caring cats and their furriends.

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