Sep 14, 2007

Photografik Evidence!

SOMEcat was caught on film "helping" Grandma make some halloween Nip Raviolis last nite. Doesn't that cat look a LOT like Pepi? Grandma says Pepi that cat needs to be careful or he'll get his paw sewed into a Nip Ravioli one of these days.

And in ofur HotMBC noos....

Some GRATE noos! Did yoo hear? The Cyclone Cats's Man in Green is all way home safe from Iraq!!!! YAY!!!! Oh our eyes are leekin all happy. Woo hoo!!! (Did yoo know that their Man in Green was the inspirashun for the special deel for protection beads for our Mens in Greens-n-Blues-n-Such at Mommy's site? Yeah, he was! I guess they werked cuz he got home safe. hehehe)

Oh and did yoo know the Carnival of the Cats is comin HERE this weekend. Yep. We don't know yet if Mommy's gonna let Mini beg for treats for entries tho. But get yore Carnival of the Cats entries reddy anyways!!!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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