Sep 9, 2007

Mush Staff!

Mush Staff, Mush! Isn't Mush what they say to the working woofies in the north? Well that's what we's saying to the Cat Staff here.

Mini likes telling the Staff what to do.

We got the staff Mush-ing on Nip Raviolis yesterday. They gotted cool Halloweenie kitty fabriks and other cool fun fabriks like brite colored kitties and chick-hens for making nip raviolis. And we made them wash the fabriks so they's soft and don't have nasty tasting sizin stuff in them. (Who wants nasty tasting stuff in a nip ravioli? Ewww!)

Pepi instrukting Staff on pawper fabrik cleaning.

And we maded sure we's got plenty of our seriously primo nip for them. (A'course we hadta test it ourselfs too!)

Sanjee inspekts the Seriously Primo Catnip stash.

And we made Mommy do sum grafiks for us (See that one down there?). Today the staff's gotta iron and cut and make us sum samples to test -- no no, fotograf! to fotograf! Ok, sum to test too. hehehe

And Boni is making sure the Staff gets plenty of wrappin stuff for sendin them out when they's all ready.

Boni Maroni and the wrappin stuff.

We can't wait til the test ones are done. Um the foto ones, that is. heeeeehehehe

Are we bad kitty cats for makin our Staff work so hard? Probly. So join us for the Bad Kitty Cats Festival of Chaos at Kashim and Othello's. Oh no, there goes Pepi singin "Bad kitties bad kitties whatcha gonna do" Somecat make him stop.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty