Sep 10, 2007

Mancat Monday with Nip

Yesterday I was a bizzy mancat instructing staff how to get the Nip Raviolis made. I even stuck my head in the sewing machine thingy to inspect really closedly. Oddly enough, Mom did not appreciate that help.

Sadly, for blogging's sake, it is not permissable to get a photo of the Snoopervisor inspecting really closely with his head in the sewing machine.

It IS permissable to snap incriminating photos of sisfurs playing with testing the merchandise, though.

Gree claims she was testing this one for quality. Frankly, I think she was just all nipped up from being near it. She slobbered on it so much that we can't let that one out of the house. It would be embarassing with all that Gree slobber on it.

Anyways, playing or testing (you be the judge), the Nip Raviolis have passed the strenuous (stringent? whatever) quality assurance tests by us HotMBC kitties. So as Mancat of the House, I'd happy to tell you that the Nip Ravioli Shop is now open. Bang the drums. Roll around on the floor celebrating. Nip it up! Howl and sing!

your bud Pepi