Sep 26, 2007

Catnapped and Escaped Home

I was catnapped yesterday! But I got back home. Phew.

Ok, we think Mom has lost it. She not only stuffed me in the PTU* and dragged me to the v-e-t, but she also insisted on fotographing me there! Yuk!

Dr. Z was pretty nice at least. He said my teefs are in good shape and I haven't got fat like some sisfurs I know. *snicker* And he only stabbed me one time. The best part was he said I don't have to come back for a whole year! That's about eleventy squillion sleeps. Fank goodness! I don't think I like being catnapped.

I like coming home, though. I got treats when I got home. Yay!

your bud Pepi

*PTU = Prisoner Transport Unit (crazy Mom calls it a "cat carrier")