Aug 16, 2007

WHAT???? Another sisfur???

Pepi: A box from the Sock Drawer Shelter came yesterday. I smelled CAT and I was immediately suspicious. Did Mom go adopt ANOTHER mostly black cat??? YES! She did!!!!

Oh my gosh. Mom is nuts. What Mom? Oh. KC's mom sent her this kitty. Geesh. I may have to go poop on KC's mom's pillow. I did NOT need another sisfur.

Boni: Oh, she seems ok. She's pretty quiet. I don't think she'll eat our foods either. Her little adoption card says her name is Pixie. Maybe we just need to find her a job around here. Maybe that's why KC's Mom had her sent here. She IS a mostly black cat, after all. You know, we should just give her one of those jobs we don't want to stop our napping to do.

Ah, here we go! She can snoopervise Mom at the computer while we're busy napping! And don't poop on KC's mom's pillow, Pepi. Pixie made our Mom smile really big. And that's good.

Pepi: Well, ok. If she won't chase me, and she makes Mom smile, it's ok. And I won't poop on KC's mom's pillow.

So everycat, meet Pixie the Desktop Snoopervisor!

Is she purring? Yeah, I think that's a purr. And Mom's smiling. So it's all good.

Boni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni and