Aug 29, 2007

Wednesday (Cat) Word of the Day

Our sekretary got up this morning to help us blog and we found sad noos. Ubee went to the Bridge last night. ::sniff:: Please go say something to comfort Not the Mama and Daphne and Chloe and Jazper if you can. It's been such a sad week in the Cat Blogosphere. The chat room is open now for anycat who wants to meow, and we'll be there on and off today and into the nighttime. I thought about not posting the stuff I had for today. But I decided to anyways. Cuz even if we're sad, the kitties at the rainbow bridge got pliss now.


Main Entry: pliss
Pronunciation: primarystressplis
Function: noun
Etymology: Modern Catonese from "Pepi's Bliss"
1 : cat bliss

Of course, you can also make it into all sortsa words like plissful and stuff. But if you want a real dictionary, check out Merriam Webster or something. When they pay me, I'll do all the cat words however they want. heheh

your bud

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