Aug 9, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #15

Thursday Thirteen #15
Thirteen Funny Names Our Beans Call Us

Mom and Grandma call us some funny names sometimes. We're not always sure that's a good thing. But mostly it's ok.

  1. PooPoo - Sanjee "Mom used to call me Sanjee Poo, then Grandma just started calling me PooPoo. I don't smell like poo, so I don't get it."
  2. Grumpy-Poo - Mini "Just because I want all the food bowls to be mine doesn't mean I'm grumpy. Does it?"
  3. Car Parts Boy - Pepi "Some weirdo place that sells parts for metal monsters is called Pep Boys. They're obviously named after me."
  4. Goofy Wooooofy - Mini "Mom calls me this when I stand on my head in her lap. I don't know why."
  5. Pooterhead - Sanjee "PooPoo got even worse and got to be Pooterhead. *sigh*"
  6. Miss Diva Cat - Sanjee "Of course!"
  7. Yoda Cat - Boni "I really don't look like Yoda when I flatten my ears to the side. That's Grandma and Mom's imagination."
  8. Greebie - Gree "Mom is constitutionally unable to avoid adding the beeee sound to names. It's an affliction."
  9. Mini the Fat - Mini "I'm not nearly as fat as Sanjee, so they can't mean this one. Just because I make Mom's legs go to sleep when I lay on her lap for a long time doesn't mean anything."
  10. Tuxie Toes - Gree "I am a tuxie and I have toes, yep. I don't get why she just talks to my toes, though."
  11. Piglet Boy - Pepi "So I'm brave enough to steal foods from Mini. I should be called BRAVE Boy for that."
  12. Sweet Feet - Mini "I guess Mom really does like it when I stand on my head in her lap with my feet in the air cuz that's when she calls me Sweet Feet."
  13. Mister Pepster - Pepi "I'm very proud of this one because it shows how much my beans respect me."

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