Aug 2, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #14

Thursday Thirteen #14
Thirteen Happy Things
by Sanjee

I was feeling a little blue with Grandma gone to her Church conference, so I decided to do a really extra happy TT. So I looked around to find happy cat stories. If your eyes leak easy from happy stories, maybe you oughta get a tissue now.

  1. Gemini got home safe!
  2. Emily and her babies healed up from being hit by a car! (She sneeked the baby kittens in on the humans cuz they furgot to check if she had been spayed when they was makin her well from gettin hit by a car. hehehehe)
  3. Dinah, the tuxie that KC's Mommy rescued, had a whole buncha babies, a SIX PACK of kittens, efun tho teh humans thought she was too small to have kittens on her own.
  4. Stella had 4 beeyotiful Meezer babies and we cats of the Cat Blogosphere all feel like aunties and uncles.
  5. Chaos and Cabbie were reunited wif their Mommy after TWO YEARS of being catnapped.
  6. Lucky Tom found his way home after 4 weeks of major flooding.
  7. Our furriend Luna got found after being lost a LONG time.
  8. Rioux gotted lost on a trip to move to Florida with his humans and was reunited wif them 2 weeks later.
  9. Lotsa happy ending stories of cats are CARE here in the Richmond area that gotted furever homes.
  10. Pippy recovered from the 31 inch string that attaked his innards.
  11. Oh gosh, and the innernets and Malcolm saved Millie when she was hit by a car as a kitten.
  12. Intrepid Reepurrter KC was rescued from tha evil back room and got a fantabulous furever home.
  13. Oh and you know what, there's all sorta happy stories all ofur the Cat Blogosphere. We are some furry lucky kitties. Like Jeter says, Life is GRATE!

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