Aug 27, 2007

Oh hey! Guesswhat?

Sheesh. Our sekritary losted the email since 8/24 *scowls* But

Really HUGE Cats, Kittens and Cubs!  Your site has been selected as this weeks Cat Blog of the Week!

I started Really HUGE Cats, Kittens and Cubs in memory of my best friend as a teenage, a 22# Gray Maine Coon Tabby named Nicky. He use to climb on top of me and bat at my face until I got up and fed him his 2nd breakfast. When my Mom found out I was giving him extra food, she hit the roof :)

We are(were) Bloggy of the Week! Woo hoo! Fanks Dan and the RHCKC!
Of course, Sanjee just wants to know if that means they think she's fat. Sisfurs!

your bud Pepi

Pee Ess. My Mancat Monday post is down below here.