Aug 25, 2007

Mini Mugshot

Mom calls this my mug shot. Sheesh. I was just helping her take pictures of her jewelry. I thought if I got up there and whapped off a piece of jewelry she'd see how very nice it looked with the carpet as a background. She didn't get it. She had to take this picture of me instead. No fair pointing the flashy box at me! This pic show off my whiskers real nice, though.

Now I'm going to go have some foods. All this blogging makes me hungry.


Pee Ess. Don't forget that Weekend Cat Blogging is at Ahriman & Port's at Belly Timber. And the Carnival of the Cats at Scratching Post Sunday evening. And the Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos with Pet & The Bengal Brats at Pet’s Garden Blog. I'll go play after I have some foods.