Aug 11, 2007

It's Par-tay Time! Woo hoo!

Welcome to tha Par-tay!!! We's cellybratin all the cats wif Purrthdays and Gotcha days in August!

These are the human slaves to cater to your every whim. They'll be serving foods if you want, waving toys, making sure the litter boxes are all spanking clean, etc. Just holler for one if you need them.

Join us at the Chatzy chat room for tha party all day n into tha nite.

(Click "Join Chat" once you've entered your name and password)
Pee Ess. If you show up at chat and nobody's there, hang out or come back in a lil
while -- we'll be in and out cuz we have to let our typist rest some and different cats are
comin and goin all into tha nite.

Speshul Game: Torchur the Human Slaves wif Flashy Boxes
We gots lotsa flashy boxes for dat!

We have LOTS of food yummies for everycat and everybody. (Mini was in charge of that, go figger.) Toys and games are all around tha place. See tha sidebars to see some of the stuff we gots available.

Lobsters n Fishies!

(And Sanjee insisted on a ham just for Miles)

Real Live Dead Shrimps!

Crunchies n Stinky Goodness
(We's got all kinds, this is just our yummy chick-hen crunchies if no wheats or corns.)

(Mom even said Mini and Gree could have a just few for the party!)

Wheatless & Cornless Treats YUM!
(Tha ones in tha blue bag are our yummy anchovy treats and tha
Kitty Kissers are tha yummy ones like P
ixie sent us for Secret Paws!)

Treats for our Bun Furriends!

Treats for our Human Furriends
(Don't confuse them wif the party human slaves.)

Cat Milk for Sensitf Tummies

Fresh Runnin Water

There's also Niptinis, Meowgaritas, Singapurr Slings, and russianless-White Russians
and whatefur else yoo command the bartenders to make fur you.

Tha litterboxes n human litterboxes are ofur there by the signs that say "Litterboxes" and there's mancat ones n ladycat ones.

We hopes yoo have LOTS of fun at that party!

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni

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