Aug 10, 2007

Fooey Friday

Mommy had to go to the Eeee Ar last nite. She's had bad side n tummy pain for a few days and when she saw her bean v-e-t yesterday afternoon they said to go to the Eeee Ar. They figgered out she don't got nothin bustin inside and her blood is mostly ok. They fink it's eifur gastritus bad or gall bladder is angry at her (but it ain't tryin to bust or nuffin). They gave her some meddycines and she's gotta go back to the bean v-e-t on Toosday and get checked again. But they fink she's gonna be ok. Phew! We don't wanna hafta get a new mommy! So a purr for Mommy would be grate, if yoo can would be reely sooper.

Anya yall got idears for rehabillytatin an old Mommy? She's had a ruff yeer and it makes her a lil cranky. Maybe we just needs to cheer her up. Hmmms. What can I do to make Mommy laff lots. You fink she'd laff lots if I standed on my head? Or maybe on the seeling? Lemme kno if yoo gots any idears!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. Mommy sez the party tomorry will be furry cheerful for her, specially since she don't feel much like goin nowhere to haf fun. So we'll see yoo's tomorry at the party we hopes!