Aug 5, 2007

Brave Squillions Sunday

Laffin an Laffin is our HERO! He was so brave to show his scar on his buddy Jeter's blog. And it made us brave too.

I'm Greebo, and I has a scar too.

And I'm Joosy, and I has a scar thing also.

We felt really bad cuz we were born with these scars. We've been hiding out at HotMBC, not showing our faces cuz of our scars. See, one lady got upset cuz her Squillion has a scar on his butt, and that made us really shy cuz our scars are on our faces n fronts. Mom Robyn always said we were furry cute anyway, and she's been nice to us. She even let us stay with the other Squillions who live here who don't have scars and she didn't hide us away. She even helped us pick out names!

But now cuz our hero Laffin an Laffin was so brave, we're being brave too! Maybe cats won't think we're so ugly after all. And Mom Robyn says if they do to nevermind them, it's their own insekurities showing anyways.

Thank you Laffin an Laffin!!!
Greebo and Joosy

Pee Ess. We understands if Laffin and Laffin wants ta have surgery for his scar, and dat's ok. Maybe we can help him find a gnome to help. Maybe we can find a gnome to help us too.