Aug 1, 2007

Wordy Wednesday

Well HMPH! Today is our purrthdays. Well, we all cellybrate our purrthdays today cuz it's um cuz well Mommy picked it. (It's like close to my, Sanjee's, purrthday by guessin, but I wuz feral and I didn't know about dates when I was borned.)

Well normally we'd cellybrate today. But Grandma just hadta go off to a church conference this mornin and she won't be back til tha weekend!!! How could she?!?!?! Oh well, church fingys are impawtant to beans. And she purromised we could have a party like last year next week sumtime.

And Mommy has purromised we'll get speshul treats tonight too! So it's not all bad. We love speshul treats! MMMmmmmm. (Mini's hoppin around just finkin about it. hehehe) So we'll have speshul treats and go to Brainball's Gotcha Day Paw-tay's goin' on all day on Chairman Mao's bloggie hehehe.

UPDATE: We got the bestest purresent -- Our furriend Gemini made it home safe around 2am! YAY!!!!

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni