Jul 17, 2007

Wordy Wednesday

See our furriend Rikki from Furriday's Kat's Cat of the Day page. Yay for Rikki! Yep, that's c-o-o-l.

It's way too h-o-t outside. We can tell cuz Mommy is all sweaty when she comes inside from running errands. We've decided we need to find a way to tell her to put her desmellerizer all over, just not on the armpits. Got any ideas on that one? We're prefer she didn't take away our treats as punishment for tellin her that.

S-i-c-k is no fun. And Mom is no fun when she's sick. (Like now. She found a bug that makes her sick last week and she can't get rid of it. Got any bug repellant? Would vishus deer repullunt work?) We want to remove this word from our dikshunary. Got an eraser?

Sanjee is s-a-p-p-y around Miles. OW! Sanjee, get your claws off my butt! *sigh* Well, she IS sappy around Miles. Somecats think it's cute tho. At least she goes camping with him sometimes and leaves the rest of us in peace. *snicker*

Mini is a p-i-g-g-y! Mom says I am too. No way. Mini is the biggest piggy in the house. Really. Just cuz I like to eat doesn't mean I'm a piggy. After all, I'm not famous for it.

T-r-e-a-t-s are YUMMY! We all like treats. Well, except Sanjee, and she's weird. How can you not like treats? Weird!

Happy Wordy Wednesday!