Jul 24, 2007

Tuxie Toosday - Indignity

I was just minding my own business yesterday when Mom grabbed me and stuffed me in the PTU all of a sudden. Is that fair? No, it's not. So I howled and howled and howled all the time the PTU was in the monster with wheels. I got reeeeeeeeeeeally quiet tho when it stopped. I was hoping they'd forget the PTU. Didn't work tho. Sure enough, I was at the V-E-T! Ack! The indignity! Dr. Z said I was looking good and he only stabbed me once, at least. Mom was very proud and happy to tell Dr. Z that my tummy isn't sick with tummy ghosts any more. I'm kind of glad about that part too. But she should have just emailed him or phoned him to tell him. She didn't have to stuff me in the PTU and take me there to tell him. I meowed really loud to tell her that on the way home. I hope she got it this time. I hope Othello still thinks I'm nice even though I howl in the PTU. It's so hard to get the cat staff's attention from inside the PTU if you don't howl. I want to be sure she knows how much I hate the PTU. It's undignified. The only good thing is Dr. Z said I don't have to visit him again for almost a year as long as I keep the tummy ghosts away. Thank Bast!