Jul 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #13

Thursday Thirteen #13
Thirteen Reasons it's Tough to be a Mancat in a House with a Bunch of Girls
by King Pepi of HotMBC

  1. Mini - Cripes, what a moocher sisfur!
  2. Boni - Well, she's pretty cool, but that apron, ugh.
  3. Sanjee - Queen? Erm. Yeah. Right! (I'd better agree, she's a lot bigger than me.)
  4. Gree - Now it seems like even she's got a boyfriendcat!
  5. They think they can gang up on me. Let 'em try! *Mancatly ROAR*
  6. Mom's always saying stupid stuff like, "Don't whack your sisfur." Even though the sisfur started it!
  7. They do not understand how embarassing it is to have had a hoo-ha-ectomy.
  8. They're always being silly about girl stuff like how their fur looks to their boyfriendcats.
  9. They are not floofy furred girls, so stupid human visitors think I'm the girl cat. How embarassing.
  10. Our blog has too much pink on it!
  11. They are all BIG sisfurs. (Really big, like fat. *snicker*) Actually, the human females are just big, like 5 feet taller than me.
  12. If I got a girlfriendcat I'd just have one more girl to deal with. *sigh*
  13. They all laugh at me when I say I'm King of HotMBC.
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Oh, there is one good thing about having so many sisfurs. Their boyfriendcats telerport over and hang out sometimes and talk guy stuff with me too, when they're not being all mooshy over my sisfurs.

your bud Pepi