Jul 5, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #12

Thursday Thirteen #12
Thirteen Things I Like to Eat
by Mini

  1. My Organics food
  2. The food in Sanjee's bowl. It's Organics by Nature too but it tastes even better in Sanjee's bowl.
  3. Anchovy treats
  4. Real live dead hamm and bacon (Miles has got the right idea with this pig stuff!)
  5. Whtever Mom is eating.
  6. Whatever Grandma is eating.
  7. Whatever anyone else in sight is eating.
  8. Catnip
  9. Stinky Goodness - efurry kind I've tried!
  10. Shrimps
  11. Salmon flavor hairball remedy.
  12. Cat grass.
  13. Tem-tay-shuns. But I can't have them any more cuz they make me sick to my tummy cuz of the wheat or corn in them. *sigh*

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Pee Ess. We all had lots of fun at the 4th of July purrthday bash that Skeezix threw. It was great to see so many of our friends and chat with them!