Jul 27, 2007

Speaking of Sisfurs

The Friday Sisfur Report

Sanjee entered the do the Q contest. She says to tell you to go there or she'll sit on me. I'd be smashed flat, so go there, will ya? Ladylike Monty, hehe. Sanjee's funny.

Gree got Nip-chocs from Othello today! Of course, she won't share. Typical sisfur. Othello seems like a good cat tho.

And Boni's all happy she got to see her Tuxedo gangster Edsel last night at the Prayer Vigil. She got him a purresent, but now she has the tougher task of getting Mom to actually mail it. Maybe she'll manage it. Mom did get Secret Paws in the mail early this year. So there's hope.

Mini just loves food. She'll probably marry somecat who has a treats factory or something. *snicker*

That's the sisfur report for today. Sheesh, I'm worn out now. Maybe I'll go see if there's some sumo rassling on tv. Or maybe I'll go be bad for the new Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos. Yeah. That sounds very mancatly.

your bud

Pee Ess. Fanks Smeagol & Strider and Miles and Monty for inviting me over when I need some guy time.

Pee Pee Ess. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Check out Weekend Cat Blogging over at Kate and Puddy's this weekend. And the new Bad Kitty Cat Festival of Chaos over at Kashim & Othello's.