Jul 19, 2007

Schmoozing around

Wow! Derby has nominated us for The Schmooze Award! Fanks, Derby!

Funny, lately we don't feel like we deserve it all that much. Wif sick cat staff on and off since winter and stuff, we never have enough time to visit our friends like we'd like to. Fooey on sick cat staff and bizzy stuff. We's super glad we have lots of friends, tho!

"As it goes, schmoozing is the natural ability 'to converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.' Good schmoozers effortlessly weave their way in and out of the blogosphere, leaving friendly trails and smiles, happily making new friends along the way. They don’t limit their visits to only the rich and successful, but spend some time to say hello to new blogs as well. They are the ones who engage others in meaningful conversations, refusing to let it end at a mere hello - all the while fostering a sense of closeness and friendship."

Here are the rules: Each award winner is to display the badge on the sidebar of his blog with a link to the post which contains the explanation of the award, then nominate five bloggers to receive the award.

Well, how do we pick just 5??? Can we pick all of you? The cats of the Cat Blogosphere are such a great group of schmoozers!

KC, Intrepid Schmooze Ree-purrter, Missy and their Mommy
Jazper, Daphne, Spooker, Chloe and Not-the-Mama at Purrchance to Dream
Cheysuli, who's claimed she doesn't schmooze, but she's wrong on this one we think
Jack, intrepid Viking explorer and Vishus Deer reepurrter and Persephone
Kaze the Cat, grate frootbat furriend
And really we pick alla yall Cat Blogosphere kitties, cuz the Cat Blogosphere has soooooooo many friendly schmoozers!

Sanjee the Queen Bee KittyBoni Maroni is not as skinny as macaroni