Jul 22, 2007

Not Listening

I don't care what blogfrickincarnival's excuse is. I am not paying attention. See? I am looking the other way. I am NOT happy with them for tossin out the Carnival of the Cats without a warning or nothin. If I can find their pillow, I'm definitely going to poop on it. Twice. Smelly. I'll each cheez first. Yeah. Then I'll get Mini to do it too. They'd know they'd had their pillow pooped on for sure then. *snickers*

Come on ofur to the Carnival of the Cats at TBIFOC this week for a big pillow poopin -- the Carnival will go on in spite of that other place's silliness.

And volunteer for a particular carnival week. You can email and say, "I can do it these 3 dates, pick one" for instance. If you needs help doin the carnival, me or KC or other cats from the Cat Blogosphere will help. It's fun!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

Pee Ess. Happy Gotcha Day KC! We're so glad you got rescued from that prison!