Jun 12, 2007

Wildcat Wednesday

This is a reel wild cat. It's a Floryda panther! (I thot panthers were blak???) Anyways, Mommy got to meet one and TOUCH him when she lifed in Florryda. She petted a reel life panther! No wunder Mommy don't take no cr** offa us. We's tiny in comparryson!

What Mommy? Oh, she sez to be fair and tell yoo he was purry tame cuz he'd broke a leg and been heeled by beans hoo couldn't let him loose agin after he heeled kuz he gotted too tame and woulda got killed by peeple cuz he didn't kno there were bad ones.

Anyways, there's less than 100 of these purrty-efun-tho-they's-not-blak panthers still alive! And now the greedy beans wanna let peeple drive ORV's (whatever they are) in the forrest where lotsa these last panthers still lives in Florryda. Thare's a petishun to keep the Nashunal Forrest peeples frum doin this, and yore beans can sine it online if they will. (She says yoo gotta be a bean to sine, which is totally unfair and I's gonna talk to Chey bout that fur her campane.) Yore peeple gotta gif their addresses but they won't be published and on the site it can say anonymouse. But if yoo can talk them into it, it's be good for them to help save the panthers. The deadline fur the petishun is Furriday!

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty