Jun 3, 2007

Where you been Mom?

Mom, you came home awful late last night. I heard you talking about Finny and Buddy and Grady and Gilmore. Did you go visit them? And why were you groaning every time you moved your legs? Hmmms. This is a big mystery. I'll have to get to the bottom of it.

Sanjee came back home for a lil while. She whapped us all on the head and said we have to keep purring for Miles lots. Silly sisfur. We're still purring for Miles lots. And we'll keep doing it til he's all better.

Mistrie and Precious
came over too. Yay! I'm going back to play with Mistrie some more now. Pepi and Precious are wildcats though.


Pee Ess. I whapped her back.