Jun 12, 2007

Twofer Tuxie Toosday

Two Tuxies for Toosday - Mini (Bottom of the pile) and Boni (Top of the pile)
Grandma says we're the most adorable when we pile into the same kitty bed like this!

Boni Maroni and Mini

Pee Ess. Aunty Biotiks has helped Mom feel lots better. And napping lots too. Mom says she's almost human again. I guess that's good for her. I wouldn't want to be human, though. I much prefer being a cat. Thanks for all the purrs for her!

Pee Ess Ess. Mom's so slow. Yesterday was Edsel's 10th Purrthday and I didn't know it til today because Mom wasn't helping us blog. Happy Purrthday Edsel! Smoochies from your tuxie gun moll!