Jun 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #11 - Boni's New Bed

Thirteen Reasons I (Boni Maroni) Love My New Cat Bed

  1. It's PURPLE!
  2. It has purrty silver spots. I like spots. I have a white smooch spot on my face.
  3. Monty Q's Mom made it.
  4. It's named Skeezadaisix after two of my furriends, Skeezix and Daisy.
  5. I got to help out Oreo by winning it in Monty's auction.
  6. It's big enough for me to make a comfy big cat donut if I want to stretch out a little.
  7. It's cozy enough I can make a tiny cat donut too.
  8. It fits just right on the wood thing under the window.
  9. The sides are the right height so I can curl up next to them or look over them.
  10. It has a nice padded bottom.
  11. It's comfy!
  12. It makes my beans smile when I sit in it. (Smiling beans give more treats!)
  13. It makes Mini jealous. hehehe
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Pee Ess. It's Chatham's 20th Purrthday today! HAPPY PURRTHDAY CHATHAM!!!!