Jun 8, 2007

The Mystery Continues!

The Mistrie .. no wait.. that's Mystery, I know who Mistrie is.... of what happened to Mom and Buddy and Finny's Mom and Ant Ree last weekend is still not figured out. Buddy did some furry good investigating and repurrting about the mystery today.

He found THIS pikshur on the camera after his Mom and Ant Ree went to work. Very suspicious!

Do you think our Moms and Ant Ree went to some alley to visit some alley katz? And got their legs hurt there? Alley katz are dangerous and might claw, you know. Maybe they got their legs clawed? I didn't see no scratches on Mom's legs, though. Could they be wicked mean alley katz that make invisible claw marks? Alien alley katz or something? And why did the guy wearing Buddy and Finny's St. Patrick's Day hat hang out in the alley? You better go see Buddy's post for all the evidence. And what's a Gaelic Storm? Is that a kind of storm that happens in an alley? And why would our Moms and Ant Ree go to an alley to see cats anyway? They can see us purrfectly good cats at home any time!

On top of that, Tuesday, Mom went out again and came back talking about more fun and complaining her legs hurt more. Is that related? Did she go near those alley katz again and get more invisible scratches? They must have gave her cat scratch fever, cuz she got sick as a d-a-w-g later that night!

If you know anything about this mystery, let me know (confidenshully of course) at gree AT houseofthemostlyblackcats DOT com or let Buddy know. We're going to hafta get to the bottom of this for the good of our beans.

Gree the Detektive

Pee Ess. Fanks for all your get well wishes for Mom. She's only sick as a puppy now and she says she's gonna live.