Mommy Monday (and Grandma too)

Somecats askeded about the 7 Facts bout Mommy and Grandma way back in May and we's finally gettin round to it. I'll tell ya. But don't tell Mommy and Grandma, k?

7 Random Things bout Mommy
  1. Mommy has skinny feets.
  2. Mommy tries to bore us to deaf by watchin the same movies over an over an over.
  3. Mommy is addikted to Diet Coke.
  4. Mommy luvs choklit almost as much as she luvs us.
  5. Mommy can hear reely good for a bean. She can heer a bug walkin on a paper almost as good as a cat!
  6. But she can ignore reely good too. Espeshully when she's readin.
  7. Mommy would rather make joolry than eat dinner. She's nutz.
7 Random Things bout Grandma Cat
  1. Grandma can't hear reely good. That's handy for gettin away wif stuff.
  2. Grandma gets reely happy when I sleeps on her feets.
  3. Grandma luvs to be bizzy. She's kinda like a bee that way.
  4. Grandma works at a reely big school called a Uny-versity.
  5. Grandma likes to dress up purrty.
  6. Grandma is smart.
  7. Grandma has 2 kittens: Mommy and Uncle Roman, and us 5 grandkittens.
Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty

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