Jun 4, 2007

Mad Monday Too

DP Blogger, GET WITH IT and let Artsy Catsy go!

Sheesh, DP Blogger did that with the old Cat Blogosphere blog when it was on blogger too. Stupid bots. It could get any of us if it takes a mind to. We've sent our email to blogger to free Artsy Catsy. You can send one here too. Claw them good! Poop on their pillows! Steal their stinky goodness! Maybe we should go find the spam blogs that make blogger do such stupid stuff too and poop on their pillows twice. We HATE spammers. Hate them. Hate them, I tell you.

Kill spammers like this:
  • Never EVER EVER never never never click on ANYTHING in a SPAM email. Nothing, not even "unsubscribe" links -- those are usually just a way to harvest your email for more SPAM because you asking to unsubscribe proves someone's reading their email!
  • NEVER EVER EVER EVER buy anything at all from a SPAM email or a SPAM site (that's a site with nothing but links or a site that sends SPAM email). They survive on only 1% sales conversion from all their spams. So never ever ever buy from one.
And FREE ARTSY CATSY! Sheesh. How silly of DP Blogger's bots.

Pepi, Mancat of the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats

Pee Ess. Gree says Buddy left a comment that his Mom and Ant Ree were gone all night Saturday. That's the same night that our Mom didn't come home til late. You think that might be related? Maybe we should put our heads together with Buddy on that. We'll letcha know.