Jun 7, 2007

Funky Thursday

Funky and thorsday shouldn't go togefur, I know. But it's funky anyways. Mommy gotted sick wif a cold or a veye-rus or somefin reel suddenlike on Toosday nite and she's still poopy feelin. So the only fing she could help us do yesterday is get owr Peece Globe up. She said she was sorry she couldn't help us go comment on owr furriends bloggies. We saided it was ok tho, cuz she was obveeusly miserabul. We cats had a purrty good day tho, efun if we couldn't comment on owr furriends Peece Globes posts. We ate a lot n napped alot. And Boni gotted her cool sparkly purple bed that she winned in Monty Q's aukshun! She likes it lots. She got rite in it when Mommy gotted it outta the box for her and that's where she's sleepin now! Boni says it's furry comfy and no we can't haf it. Sisfurs! Mommy sez she's gonna take a pikshur when she feels a lil better. It's a purrty bed. Maybe I can get one sumtime. hehehe I don't fink Mommy will type fur us to comment on bloggies, but we'll go visit 'round and stuff and comment soon as we can.

Sanjee the Queen Bee Kitty