May 8, 2007

Woo hoo Wednesday

A HUGE bag of food arrived on the porch today! 20 whole pounds of our Organics! Mom wouldn't let me break into the bag, though. So I made her put some in our bowls. hehe Yummy fresh crunchy organics goodness. MMMMMMmmmmmmm. I didn't know they made such a big bag of our crunchies. But now I know! I'm going to make Mom always get the huge bags. I don't want to run out of crunchy goodness.

Gree the Stuffed

Pee Ess. If you have $2 or more you wanna donate to Lilly Lu or Teacups's vet bills, DKM will send you a squiggle worm (thru Friday). They look like fun. We're getting some! Not as fun as crunchy goodness, but close.